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NUROSAFE HEADED UP BY Dr. Adrian Cohen is a registered Australian and NPO Commission that run advocacy programs with education and training targeting :

• Mental health.

• Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) research

• Uniform best-practice return to play/school/work advice.

• Second Impact Syndrome

• Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

• Traumatic Encephalopathy Syndrome (TES): early cognitive decline, motor system problems like Parkinson’s Disease and mental health disturbances leading to depression and suicide.

• Female concussion predisposition.

• Eliminating “the bump” in AFL football.

Dr. Adrian has personally assisted those we know in trouble without recognition or want.

Rare Cancers

52,000 Australians are diagnosed each year with a rare cancer, plunging them in to a world of unknown conditions and cures that no one seems to have the answers for.

Patients may not be responding to treatment as expected, cancers may be treatable, but not curable, and there may be no further standard treatment options available.

The lives of all involved can change overnight, and we have witnessed this with friends in our community

Rare Cancers have been formed to assist those afflicted with specific expertise in addressing the unique and complex challenges faced by individuals affected.

Emergency funding is provided to assist with transport, accommodation when undergoing treatment, specialist medical bills, and day to day expenses that can be associated with a diagnosis.

Putting Rare Cancers on the map, providing personalised support, ensuring patients needs are heard and included, improving access to treatment and options with clinical trials, creating a community, sharing expertise, and driving meaningful change.

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A Macarthur family founded P-MS, and we have met others affected by this infliction on innocent lives and families alike.

Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (P-MS) is a rare genetic disorder caused by the deletion or change of a critical chromosome.

Families from around Australia are suffering from this rarely spoken disorder.

Generally characterised by low muscle tone newborns, intellectual disability of varying degrees, absent to severely delayed speech, moderate to profound developmental delay, and minor dysmorphic features. 

Other common characteristics of P-MS are behavioural issues including autism spectrum disorder or autistic-like traits, decreased perception of pain, motor delays, sleep disorders and seizures,  gastrointestinal, renal and cardiac problems. 

There is currently no cure or treatment specifically for Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, but many of the symptoms are managed by therapies and/or medications and researchers are working diligently to improve the understanding and knowledge of PMS and to find drugs and therapies that can improve the lives of people affected by PMS


Esabags was founded by a brave woman named Stacy James

Stacy has been abused physically, sexually, financially and psychologically, whilst her existence was covertly packaged as ‘love’.

Stacy was rescued by a caring Australian family whilst enduring abuse on a cruise

After finally breaking her “trauma” bond, Stacy realised that the initial 24-72 hours were critical in the commencement of a healing practice, and a safe environment.

Escabags was formed

Tonight we fight, and will continue to fight, for the vulnerable.
Tonight we speak for the victims who cannot be heard.
Tonight we stand with the survivors in strength and unity.

Escabags is not about starting something; it’s about ENDING it

Tonight, and in the future, The Corporate Clash will be standing beside you

If you are the victim of abuse, reach out to us


Youth Solutions

Youth Solutions works across the Macarthur and Wingecarribee regions of NSW, delivering health education programs, campaigns and activities aimed at reducing and preventing our community’s young people from experiencing the harms of drugs and alcohol.


#talk2mebro was developed to help reduce the number of males who die to suicide in Australia. Through early intervention, the aim is to create societal change by reducing the stigma around suicide and getting men to feel comfortable talking about what they are going through emotionally and mentally

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OCAGI was established to assist families and those affected by Oesophageal Cancer

Not to be confused with stomach and throat cancer, Oesophageal Cancer lies in the centre of the body

“There’s no such thing as harmless heartburn”

OCAGI give patients, their carers, family and friends access to information from reputable organisations with cancer, cancer research and palliative care

If you have heartburn and indigestion, seek specialist advice and tests

Turning Point Camden

Turning Point are based in Camden and assist the community in areas such as food shortage, domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, addiction and substance abuse, difficulties filling out documentation, unable to navigate the court and legal system, numeracy and literacy issues, isolation, financial, fractured relationships, tenancy difficulties, disability, long term illness and unemployment. The centre is also a place of respite for carers where they can recharge and debrief.

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