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One often asks me why would we engage in a sport such as Boxing to promote health and mental well being

Boxing is not fighting as such. It is a journey, physically and mentally, and a once in a lifetime experience that you never forget

Boxing is a demanding sport that teaches values and skills such as discipline, mental strength, control and the ability to take personal responsibility.

These are all skills that can be used to overcome social problems

Boxing teaches you how to tackle obstacles and overcome adversity.

Boxing is one of the toughest workouts you will ever experience in your life, physically and mentally

Oftentimes, every bit of willpower is needed just to get through a one-hour session, let alone the adrenaline of stepping inside the square ring.

With perseverance and persistence, however, training soon becomes incredibly fun and addicting

Lifelong friendships are made, respect and humility is instilled.

Boxing is a unique sport that embodies power, strength, grace and mental aptitude. 

Boxing teaches mental toughness and provides an emotional catharsis for all its participants.

Boxing is proven to decrease stress hormones and increase endorphins, relieving stress and boosting your overall mood.

Many things we learn on our journey as boxers, we take away and apply to our day to day lives.

This can include consistency, being less self-critical, being focused on a task, and having confidence in yourself

Boxing is about staying and fighting when everyone else turns and runs.

A coward saves his own skin. A hero saves someone else's. Not all fights are fought in a ring.

Boxing offers a vast array of physical and mental advantages.

Physically, boxing improves cardiovascular fitness, balance, endurance, strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Psychologically, it fosters confidence, concentration, resilience, self-awareness, and stress relief.

Our physical activities change people's brain chemistry, leading to good mental health and wellbeing

Boxing, after all, focuses on the individual.

If you don't train for strength or speed, it's likely that you won't get faster and stronger.

The same goes with training your brain.

If you don't practice and develop the skills, like relaxation, visualisation, or focus, you won't get better at it

Boxing is a triumph of the individual, not the team, a strengthening of your mind, body, confidence and resilience

To a boxer, you are a winner the moment you step inside the ropes, and the result is only a bonus

We train as a team, and we develop great respect and rapport between each other

We are aware of our ghosts, but soon realise everyone has their own. Humility and understanding, helping and caring

The physical journey is tough, the mental journey is far tougher

When you push yourself through boundaries unknown and come out the other side, you have achieved what very few do

You have improved yourself immensely, physically and mentally, and you will look at the world a little differently, as a better person

This is Why Boxing

John McDonald 

President/Head Coach 

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