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Past and Present

The Corporate Clash in Macarthur was an initiative of Mark Scarce and Grant Butterfield commencing in 2014

The two local businessman formed an alliance to assist in the battle and research against Cancer, and other debilitating diseases

In the ensuing years, many care and research networks have been assisted within Macarthur and beyond

We sadly lost Grant in 2020 to the very cause he was assisting, and he is recognised and remembered every year with the Grant Butterfield Memorial Shield

We thank the people and businesses of Macarthur for your continued support and enthusiasm

We thanks all of our sponsors, suppliers and volunteers for the immeasurable assistance behind the scenes

We thank the Board and the Coaching Team for all of their volunteered time and efforts

The reality is, each and every year makes a difference, and you are saving and improving peoples lives

2014 Corporate clash team.png
CCC 2015 Group Shot.jpg
2016 CCM MS GB.jpg
CCM group 2016.jpg
MS GB Pic v2.jpg
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