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Saturday August 3rd, 2024

"Coming together to learn, understand and support the life challenges of our community members in most need"
We hope that the initiatives can assist all of those in need from our Community. Once you are involved, no matter how big or small, you are helping save lives

Corporate Clash aims to recognise the effects of illnesses in their many and differing states

Adapting to life changes, resilience, support, mental anguish, emotional and financial stress

Not only the individuals affected, but partners, children, families and friends alike

We hope that the actions of our initiatives can assist all of those in need

Once you are involved, no matter how big or small, you are saving lives



If you feel you can take up the physical and mental challenge to help those in need, then we welcome you to join our team for upcoming events

Please email your name, age, weight, mobile and company to

John will touch base with you and all relevant details


The Corporate Clash is a very highly sought after event, so we recommend you get in early for a table allocation

Whether you are after full tables, or single tickets, we will do everything we can to make sure you can make it

We also welcome any donations for raffles, auctions and promotions


We offer individual fight sponsorships for the night and your brand is well recognised throughout the evening

We have raffle and major auction item sponsors also recognised

Online you can support your fighter by sponsoring them as individuals through our Rare Cancers portal

All funds raised are distributed directly to the cause

Corporate Clash is a registered Non for Profit Organisation, ran completely on a voluntary basis

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